Board of Advisors

Jack Kennedy

While Jack Kennedy’s background is in the law, public administration and political science, his expertise and passion are in technology advancement, especially in aviation, aerospace and in helping advance the ideas of those visionary leaders who will create the future materials and use of airspace and space for commercial purposes in ways we haven’t even thought yet. He is an advocate of commercial unmanned aircraft systems, space commerce, and advancement of materials science and has an extensive history of leading technology projects, and in building strategic partnerships with governments and private businesses alike. Kennedy’s expertise is in the areas of strategic business growth, bank and regulatory boards, mining extraction policies, legal issues including domestic and international space law and USand state Unmanned Aircraft Systems law, and in Information Technology for judicial systems.

Known to be persuasive and determined, he has an established network of personal and professional connections that help facilitate access and influence. At this senior executive juncture in his career, Kennedy is moving into a professional project-based role within the materials science, commercial space launch and unmanned aircraft systems industries. He passionately enjoys engagement with forward thinking, innovative domestic and international private organizations for game-changing technology developments. Mr. Kennedy holds a certificate from the University of London Birkbeck College in International Law; B.S. in Business & Public Administration from the University of Virginia’s College at Wise; a B.A. in Organizational Management from Virginia Intermont College; a M.A. in Political Science from East Tennessee State University; a M.S. in Space Policy & Law from the University of North Dakota; a Fellow of the Institute for State Courts at William & Mary College; and hold a license to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia in good standing. He has served in the Virginia State Senate and the Virginia House of Delegates prior to be elected to the duties of Clerk of Circuit Court for Wise County& Norton, Virginia. He serves, or has served, on numerous public and private entity boards over his professional career, including but not limited to the Virginia Aviation Board, the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority; the Virginia Geographic Information Network; and the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.