Strongest Known Material, extremely hard

Over 200 times stronger than steel and harder than a diamond.

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only two dimensions, very elastic

One atom thick, one ounce covers an acre and stretches like rubber but recovers 100%.

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Fastest Conductor of Electricity and Heat

Electricity flows through graphene faster than copper and conducts heat better than gold.

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About Xphene

Xphene is the brand name for certain carbon allotropes that are derived from our production of high-value biomass based carbons such as Neat90 a carbon black replacement and PureCarbon additives for the making of carbon steel.

Most agree that its unique properties give it a range of uses that are nothing short of astounding. The market continues to eagerly await an affordable solution to the currently extreme price of graphene. That is where Carbon Research & Development Company enters the picture. Carbon Research and Development Company (CRDC) owns various patented and proprietary processes principally for the making of sophisticated carbons. Quietly over the last five years it has advanced its carbon technology to be able to produce commercial-grade graphene. Unlike other graphene producers who use graphite as the source feedstock, CRDC’s process converts coal and/or biomass into specialty carbons and graphene. This unique process results in a drastic cost reduction, thereby enabling CRDC to reach its goal, to produce an affordable graphene in large quantities.


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